Collaborate With our Clients to Avoid a Formal Dispute Resolution Process

We passionately believe that understanding the contract and adhering to the ‘rules of the game’ whilst retaining good relationships between the parties is the key to avoiding disputes.

If we are engaged prior to works commencing, we can review the contract and formulate a plan to ensure our clients avoid disputes caused by a contractual breach.

Our preference is to collaborate with our clients to avoid a formal dispute resolution process and negate unnecessary fee expenditure. Our relationships with developers, clients, main contractors, house builders and supply chain are extensive and far reaching.

Often, we are able to circumvent a formal dispute process through relationships formed during our thirty years of experience in the construction industry which gives us the ability to negotiate fairly due to these long standing relationships.

However, should this be unavoidable we have extensive experience in conducting and succeeding in both the mediation and the adjudication process.

We have a flexible approach to fee structure should a formal dispute crystallise, and can react quickly to achieve the tight deadlines which need to be achieved.

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