Assessing the Additional Obligations and / or Liabilities

We undertake numerous commercial reviews on contracts and subcontracts for main contractor’s and subcontractors respectively.

It is unusual for a standard form of construction contract and / or subcontract to remain unamended. The purpose of these amendments often passes significant additional risk onto the main contractor and / or subcontractor.

The level of amendments can be extensive and overlooked when entering into construction contracts, and is often only realised when the contract commences and usually at the point something has gone wrong and only one party understands the amended contract.

We are able to assess the additional obligations and / or liabilities that contract amendments place on the contracting party, and more importantly offer a solution to a proposed amendment that provides both parties with wording that is acceptable to them.

All of this is undertaken prior to works commencing on site, to ensure an agreed set of amendments is in place and understood by both parties.

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